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The Community Resource Center (CRC) was originally established by the CEO/Founder Bishop D. G. Taylor whose vision is to empower individuals and households to become agents of change. After making a connection with the CRC, additional services are provided through Save the Children and B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Families needing educational support, whether for children and/or adults, are referred to Save the Children. Whereas holistic mental health services are provided through B.R.I.D.G.E.S. in partnership with other agencies.
CRC has partnered with numerous agencies throughout the Albany/Dougherty County region in an effort to effect change within single and multi-family households by advocacy of resources. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen family units by providing information, connections, and avenues to furbish a healthier lifestyle in both parents and children. Resources include but are not limited to health care resources, educational resources for children and adults, basic household necessities as well as agency connections.

Our Team

Pennica McDonald


Mel Taylor

Assistant Director

Neighbors helping neighbors

The Community Resource Center (CRC) is dedicated to fighting poverty one donation at a time. CRC operates through contribution and outreach. Contributions are provided to individuals and families from our warehouse store and donations. These contributions include clothing, food, hygiene and household items. Outreach is our second and largest form of assistance provided to our community. Through outreach, CRC goes out into the community providing meals to our homeless, partners with other community resources during events, hosts/sponsors events, and more.

Feeding the Hungry

Community Resource Center,  has been providing hunger relief to the community since 1999. 

Disaster Relief

Natural Disasters have been a serious concern in the last few years. We have provided relief not only to our regionbut to other states and countries as well

Pack to Save

Pack to Save is our back-to-school event that is hosted every year before the start of each new school term. Giving away backpacks that are fully stocked and also include personal care items that are essential.

Helping is what we do best

  • Over 100 families are reached each year during Thanksgiving. This alone encompasses at least 1,200 families over the last 12 years for Thanksgiving.
  • Enough supplies, food and clothing has been distributed during natural disasters abroad and locally to assist at least 1,000 families as well as individuals.

No-one has ever
become poor by giving!

~Anne Frank

As We Move Forward

Since 1999

As we move forward to broaden our horizons and increase our contributions, we would love to have you join our efforts and become a partner. Over the years countless individuals and families have been reached through programs offered by The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. and The Community Resource Center. To connect with us and become a volunteer, please click on the yellow “Sign Up Today” and complete the short interest form. You may also become a partner by clicking the “Join Us” button and provide contact information. If you would like to become a donor simply click the “Donate Here” button. You will also find below endeavors in which relief was provided both locally and internationally.

Hunger Relief

Since 1994, the Community Resource Center has provided meals and rationed relief for over 2,000 families and individuals. These efforts include Thanksgiving meals, emergency access to the food pantry, feeding the hungry through community outreach, as well as relief locally and abroad during natural disasters in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Disaster Relief

 In 2017, tornadoes devastated Dougherty and surrounding counties. CRC in partnership with The Temple of Refuge Church provided disaster relief in the form of hot meals and shelter to individuals that were displaced as a result of the storm. The CEO also partnered with other churches and outreach agencies to provide a relief benefit concert featuring a well-known gospel artist to encourage the community. As a result of this concert, trailers of supplies were donated for distribution to the community as an in-kind service from the artist. Further assistance was provided internationally to St. Thomas and Tortola after Hurricane Irma. Relief in the form of 400 boxes was provided to Free Port, the Bahamas after Hurricane Matthew.
Locally relief is provided on an as-needed basis post-crisis. These crises may be due to unemployment, natural disaster, fire, and such devastations. Applicants are screened and provided assistance accordingly. CRC has assisted an excess of 2,141 families locally. Every day a family or individual is struck with such devastation. Individuals needing assistance are on the incline. If you are in need or if someone inquires regarding assistance from CRC please complete our form below. We are here to provide a helping hand.

Not A Handout, We're A hand up!

The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. invites individuals to take part in the annual “Pack to Save” event. The goal of the event is to empower the youth in our community with the necessary resources to have a successful school year. As an exhibitor/vendor, your company may provide informational brochures/material regarding the services you provide and paraphernalia for our guests to remember you by. The past three years have featured vendors from Peach State, Care Source, Lutheran Services, Dougherty County Public Library, and numerous other local vendors from the community.
backpacks. In 2020, in the midst of a raging pandemic, over 800 backpacks were provided to children. These backpacks were fully stocked and also included personal care items that were essential. The event also featured multiple sponsors and donors like The Grille House, United Way, Salvation Army, Peach State, WellCare, Stardust II, The Bread House, The Library System, and many more. Pack to Save also partnered with Communities in Schools and gave out 40 more stocked backpacks after the 2020 main event. This is an ongoing event.

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

~ Former  U.S. President Ronald Reagan

We Are Here To Help.

Our dedicated staff is standing by to address your needs and answer questions you may have

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

For individuals seeking emergency resources (food and clothing), it starts with a phone call.  All calls are private and confidential.  Personnel will speak with you to determine need and go over a brief questionnaire.  Our staff will qualify you for services based on the information provided.  If you do not qualify for services, our staff will assist you with finding another organization in the community who might be able to help. 

Referrals are accepted from a variety of resources including schools, doctor offices, and local agencies that we have partnered with in the community. Concerned family or friends may call to inquire about services provided, but anyone over the age of 18 who serves as their own guardian will have to call to make their own request. Parents or legal guardians can request resources for anyone under the age of 18.

The Community Resource Center is an operating entity of The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. which is a non-profit organization.  All services provided are free of charge.  Donations and contributions are accepted. 

The Community Resource Center provides household items, personal care, clothing, and food.  Other items may be available by request according to warehouse store.  If we do not provide a service you are in need of, please inquire for possible local resources available. 

Those that seek to become volunteers with our organization must fill out a form.  Contact will be made after your form has been reviewed. 

There are several ways to make a contribution.  If you would like to make an item donation, please contact our personnel via our number provided in the contact us section or by email.  Monetary donations are accepted.  You may give a donation via our website, by check or money order. 

Please make all checks payable to The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc.

Our mailing address:  The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc.

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