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The Mission of the Community Resource Center is to cultivate quality lifestyles by sowing back into the community knowledge, education, and expertise that are within the spectrum of abilities within the reach of participants working and volunteering for the program. We strive to build effective learning capabilities for youth by enhancing their potential as productive, well-rounded individuals who are capable of fully participating in society. The Community Resource Center operates as a program which does not discriminate services against individuals based on ethnicity, creed, color, gender or religion.

Cutting Edge Epic Center International Inc.

Project Overview and Organization History

  The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. (CEEC, Inc.), is a non-profit organization founded by Bishop D.G Taylor, Sr., Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEEC, Inc. was originally established as a 501-c3, in 1994, under its former name Taylor’s Refuge Village. This establishment was through the Internal Revenue Services under the Articles of Incorporation. The organization underwent a name change in 2017 to the now named Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. (CEEC, Inc.) and maintains its status as a non-profit organization to date.
The CEEC, Inc. operates as a program which does not discriminate services against individuals based on ethnicity, creed, color, gender or religion. The CEEC, Inc. provides multi-service outreach by empowering individuals to become healthy productive citizens in society. This is being accomplished through positive intervention mechanisms for disadvantaged individuals facing financial hardship, economically disadvantaged, physical or emotional hardships, and homelessness. One of the program’s most targeted group of individuals are low-income individuals and families within the community that are experiencing challenges with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The CEEC, Inc. services low income families without discrimination. In addition, it services the homeless community and has obtained membership with the Homeless Coalition of South Georgia to ensure impact. The CEEC, Inc., conducts monthly outreach and correspondingly provides assistance to individuals and families in need by offering clothing and/or food packages. For the past three years, The CEEC, Inc., has partnered with Veteran Affairs and United Way as a resource for the community and continues to develop community relations with such organizations as the Liberty House and Salvation Army.
The CEEC, Inc. is committed to providing ongoing services in an effort to empower the sufficiency on a long term basis. We further seek community partners through businesses, organizations and/or individuals to help meet the needs of individuals in the Albany/Dougherty County community that find themselves in distress. These distresses may berelated to job loss, hardship, natural disasters and/or, most recently, the pandemic.

Community Resource Center

 CRC is a non-profit organization designed to support those in need by providing outreach services. When individuals have exhausted available resources CRC provides food assistance and essentials as well as generous contributions resulting in displacement following natural disasters.
CRC provides opportunities for individuals to obtain volunteer hours. CRC also ensures proceeds and donations received serve in the building and resource development of the organization to ensure we meet the demands and needs of the community and abroad.

Save the Children

 Save the Children is a program that provides educational resources for youth who need assistance to be successful academically. Efforts are met through volunteer services to help keep a generation ahead of the educational standards provided by the local school systems. Save the Children offers an opportunity for improvement through tutorial programs, high school diploma assistance as well as GED and adult education assistance.


 B.R.I.D.G.E.S is a nonprofit agency providing holistic mental health services to individuals in Southwest Georgia. The holistic approach stems from the holism theory which states that parts of a whole are interconnected, such that parts cannot exist independently of the whole. Traditionally, federally qualified entities address the needs of one selected population, health problem, one community, or one region. While referrals are generated to institutions with the purpose of addressing specific needs, there appears to be significant miscommunication amongst agencies thus impacting the overall care received by the individual seeking assistance. Failure to provide response feedback causes individuals to become distrusting of providers, increase hopelessness, masks the recognition of mirroring trends, impedes strategic data collection, and hinders the implementation of evidence based practices.

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Darryl G. Taylor, Sr.

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Mel Taylor, Director

Save the Children

Velsenna K. Taylor, Director


Pennica McDonald, Director

Community Resource Center

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