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The mission of the Community Resource Center is to cultivate quality lifestyles by reinvesting knowledge, education, and expertise into the community within the spectrum of abilities available to our dedicated participants and volunteers. We are committed to building effective learning capabilities for youth, empowering them to become productive, well-rounded individuals capable of full participation in society. The Community Resource Center operates as a program that steadfastly rejects discrimination, ensuring equal access to services for individuals regardless of their ethnicity, creed, color, gender, or religion.

Cutting Edge Epic Center International Inc.

Project Overview and Organization History

The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. (CEECI) is a non-profit organization founded by Bishop D.G Taylor, Sr., serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Originally established as a 501(c)(3) entity in 1994 under the name Taylor’s Refuge Village, it gained recognition from the Internal Revenue Services through the Articles of Incorporation. In 2017, the organization underwent a name change to Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. (CEECI) while maintaining its non-profit status.

CEECI operates as a non-discriminatory program, offering services without bias based on ethnicity, creed, color, gender, or religion. The organization engages in multi-service outreach, empowering individuals to become healthy and productive members of society. This involves implementing positive intervention mechanisms for those facing financial hardship, economic disadvantages, physical or emotional hardships, and homelessness. A primary focus is on low-income individuals and families within the community encountering challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The services provided by CEECI are extended to low-income families and the homeless community, and the organization holds membership with the Homeless Coalition of South Georgia to ensure impactful outreach. Monthly outreach efforts include providing assistance in the form of clothing and/or food packages. Over the past three years, CEECI has collaborated with Veteran Affairs and United Way, serving as a resource for the community, and has fostered relationships with organizations like Liberty House and Salvation Army.

CEECI is dedicated to offering ongoing services to empower self-sufficiency on a long-term basis. The organization actively seeks community partners among businesses, organizations, and individuals to address the needs of those in distress within the Albany/Dougherty County community. These distresses may arise from job loss, hardship, natural disasters, and most recently, the pandemic.

Community Resource Center

The CRC, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to assisting those in need through outreach services. When individuals have depleted existing resources, the CRC steps in to offer food assistance and essential items, especially in the aftermath of natural disasters, providing substantial contributions for those displaced.

Furthermore, the CRC creates opportunities for individuals to accrue volunteer hours. The organization ensures that proceeds and donations received contribute to the growth and resource development, enabling us to meet the demands and needs of both the local community and beyond.

Save the Children

Save the Children is a program dedicated to offering educational support to youths requiring assistance for academic success. Achieved through volunteer services, the program aims to keep a generation ahead of the educational standards set by local school systems. Save the Children provides avenues for improvement through tutorial programs, assistance with high school diplomas, and support for GED and adult education.


B.R.I.D.G.E.S is a nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive mental health services to individuals in Southwest Georgia. The holistic approach is rooted in the holism theory, emphasizing the interconnectedness of parts within a whole, where each part cannot exist independently. In contrast to federally qualified entities that typically focus on specific populations, health issues, communities, or regions, B.R.I.D.G.E.S takes a more inclusive approach.

While referrals are made to institutions to address specific needs, there is often significant miscommunication among agencies, impacting the overall care received by individuals seeking assistance. The lack of response feedback contributes to a sense of distrust in providers, increases feelings of hopelessness, obscures the recognition of recurring trends, hinders strategic data collection, and impedes the implementation of evidence-based practices.

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Darryl G. Taylor, Sr.

CEO/ Founder

Pennica McDonald, Director

Community Resource Center

Mel Taylor, Director

Save the Children

Velsenna K. Taylor, Director


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