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What Qualifies Us For Service

At The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. (CEECI, Inc.), we actively deliver a diverse range of outreach services designed to inspire individuals to lead safe and meaningful lives. Utilizing positive action methods such as conferences, lectures, courses, and counseling, we work towards achieving this goal. CEECI, Inc. also extends its services to those experiencing homelessness or at risk of suicide.

In collaboration with other community organizations and agencies, CEECI, Inc. strives to identify effective approaches that can benefit the people of southwest Georgia who are most vulnerable to developing these challenging conditions.

The Community Resource Center of CEECI, Inc. is dedicated to providing comprehensive outreach services, empowering individuals to thrive as healthy and productive members of society. Our mission involves implementing positive intervention strategies for those facing financial hardship, economic disadvantages, physical or emotional challenges, and homelessness. A key focus of our programs is the youth in our community who encounter difficulties in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Pennica McDonald

Community Resource Center

Mel Taylor

Save the Children

Velsenna K. Taylor


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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The Cutting Edge Epic Center International, Inc. is driven by the belief that a flourishing community is essential for a productive society. Our mission is centered on integrating knowledge, education, and community engagement to nurture the development of a healthy community and, at its core, a sustainable society.

Community Resource Center

Founded in 1994 under the former address as Taylor’s Refuge Village, the Community Resource Center strives to offer outreach and human services to the Albany/Dougherty County community. Our objective is to provide monthly meals to individuals and families facing financial hardship, as well as on an as-needed basis. We distribute literature, offer essential services and goods, and make referrals to other community agencies that can contribute to establishing permanent stability for a healthy lifestyle. Through annual assessments involving data collection, we identify the community's pressing needs and project the required services for the upcoming year.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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